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AI and Automation


AI and Automation & Re-Engineering in the enterprise

The key to surviving in a highly competitive environment has always been innovation. In the early twenty-first century, this took the form of enterprise-class software, namely ERP, CRM and SCM, which re-engineered the enterprise and led to the radical redesign of processes, structures and culture.

Today, the technologies powering innovation are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), IoT, and more. Unlike the early twenty-first century, innovation is no longer incremental and linear, rather it is rapid, disruptive, and seminal.

From smart manufacturing to predictive analytics for legal institutions, and from hedge fund management to advanced digital service providers in telecom, enterprises across industries are turning to today’s innovative technologies to create near zero latency, hyper-efficient business models and to stay relevant in the market.

As updates on the latest feat by these innovative technologies hit the newsstands, one cannot help but wonder just how smart will AI become? I suppose you wouldn’t be surprised if I said, a lot smarter. AI, for instance, will not only be able to do increasingly complex tasks, but also interact with us just like another human would. Making this happen, of course, is data and it comes from you and me.