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Ideal Business Practice


Process Diagnostic

Fame Techonology Solution Development methodology assimilates best practices in the industry. Flexibility in complying with customer specific or commercial Application Development framework.

We have institutionalized sound Project Management which defines activities to be performed from initial customer contact through final delivery, and is supported by Fame Techonology Center for Quality Management.


Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement (BPI) employs a systematic approach to help any organization make significant changes in the way it does business. BPI aims for a complete transformation of an organization’s performance, not simply a series of incremental adjustments.

With this knowledge, Fame Techonology BPI experts design new Processes that will maximize Customer Value and Operate Efficiently. Implementing these Processes will revolutionize the organization and its systems.


Focused Process Solutions

Quality development begins with an understanding of your wants and needs. Fame Understands no two projects are the same – and no one plan works for all projects. With this in mind, developed has developed an Application Development Process to serve as our software development life cycle (SDLC) for application development.

It has been designed with the rigor to consistently deliver, the flexibility to support and the scalability to maximize the investment.


Customer Experience

We chase our Dreams to build an Innovation Based Economy by constructing solid Verticals to meet the next generation people, process and technology; Our Teams are built to achieve customer requirements with high responsibility, irrespective of heights.

We deliver customer experience by building new class of solution that has a perfect combination of mobility, adaptability and manageability from a single platform which is capable of providing secure, reliable, and scalable connected framework of business and market.