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Financial Services


Banking & Financial Software

A Gartner report states that "99% of banking operations have been digitized in the developed world. The third world isn't far behind with a full 100% of banks committed to digitizing operations in the next few years." We have built solutions for a wide range of banking problems. For instance, when a customer came to us to implement a net-banking add-on application we added in record time and even received a recommendation to carry out a similar project for another bank. The banks we worked are top 5 nationalized banks in India.

How We Help

Data integrity, secure networks, multiple fail safes and a backed-up network are the hallmarks of what we offer for banks. As CIOs are well aware, modifications to existing systems can end up being costly and time-consuming. However, we are consistently able to:

Reduce risk and total cost of ownership

Increase operational efficiency

Improve business processes

The major solutions that we offer can be categorized as:

Internet of Things, Document Management, Employee Attendance, Secure Lockers

Analytics and Dashboards: Financial Metrics crafted and presented as requested

Testing Services: Comprehensive banking operation use case testing

Application Maintenance: Update Bank Systems per Business Rules

Application Development: Customer Portals, Net-Banking Solutions

Mobility Management: Apps to monitor salesforce and operations

Remote Teams: Monitor ATM and branch Premises