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Schools, colleges and universities

Schools, colleges and universities all need a host of supporting tools to stay relevant and provide their students with the best possible education. A Gallup poll states that parents and students increasingly choose a university based on the IT infrastructure and cutting-edge tech that the university has. Further, administrators are well aware that managing the student body using tools developed by online universities can significantly reduce administrative costs.

A university was using a hodgepodge of IT systems for its administration, with quite a few developed by students. We stepped in and implemented a University Management system and successfully transitioned all of the old data from the diverse systems into the one we built. Further, we created strict documentation and policies for students to follow if they were to add new modules to the system.

How We Help

Fame Techonology Solution provides you with a buffet of services to choose from. We are located in a region which has the highest number of universities per square mile in the world. Having worked with universities that have over 20,000 students and staff, we know how vital it is to have solid integration between each of the university's systems.

Bespoke Services

Fame Techonology Solution offers custom Learning Management Solutions to schools, colleges and universities. We can provide you with recommendations for the work that we have done in this sector. The major solutions that we offer can be categorized as:

Application Development: Administrative Modules for enrollment, attendance, course books, syllabus, assignments, grading, quizzes and lab work

Remote Teams: Monitor classrooms and university premises and network activity

Analytics and Dashboards: Metrics crafted and presented as requested

Testing Services: Comprehensive use case testing for all built modules

Application Maintenance: Security updates and vulnerability fixes

Internet of Things: Document Management, Faculty Attendance