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Internet of things


Internet of things

September 4th

We can describes the IoT as a network of automatic devices that capture data and empower automated decisions and actions to redefine how the universe functions. In the IoT world, sensors helps to see, smell, touch and trigger data via the global network about the physical world.

Our future is expected to be defined by the IoT, which calls us to believe and appreciate the magnitude of the impact and prepare us to leverage its potential for greater cause.

There are issues that the IoT industry promises to solve beyond each individual object enabled to connect with other devices. Most IoT devices do not connect to each other. There are technical limitations that is a barrier, in other cases, it’s because devices are from companies that are competing with each other to gain the market share and leverage brand loyalty. One of the biggest challenges we have yet to solve is the overall wireless infrastructure required to keep all of our smart devices exchange data with each other.