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Artificial Intelligence


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

September 4th

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is intelligence exhibited by machines, it’s a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines that think and react like humans. Cognitive ability to solve problem requires human like common sense. Big data analytics, statistical models, algorithms are used to substantiate reasoning by the machines.

AI is a disruptor in the enterprise world redefining business strategy for enterprises and entrepreneurs. This calls for successful initiatives to re-strategize and plan on how they can apply the benefits of this technology.

In the business world, AI offers the means to maintain optimum competence to solve customer demands. Computers with artificial intelligence are expected to outperform human ability and reasoning. Few areas that actively participate in the development are expected to be in healthcare and financial services sector. Future growth and target scope for data scientists, data engineers, statistician’s and domain experts are anticipated to harness skills in creativity and analytics thinking.